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The day Shonen punk! was stollen from me.

Well now, Let me tell you a little story.

Back in 2005 purrsia press Contacted me about publishing Shonen Punk! I thought The place looked a little seedy , but took a chance and sent them a CD with the first chapter of shonenpunk! They requested a hardcopy instead. I never sent one out due to lame personal problems. I never eard from them after that.

Now zoom on over to 2007. Here I am bored googling shonen punk! when what do i find? Purrsia press has just published Shonenpunk as of feb. 2007.

But wait a second.... I never got asked if it was still ok. nor did i give any rights to do so. nor have i gotten a penny not even an email stating they were still going to publish or still wanted to publish SP. As far as i know I don;t think this is right at all!!

What did they think, that by being small press I wouldn't find out they are publishing my comic with out my consent? and even putting shirt stories i did into their anthology?

really, what the hell is going on here? I've never been i n this kind of predicament. What should I do? I'm told I should take him to court. ... I'm not sure really.

But I'm going to ask you all if you can. please help me get my story out there. This is something that affects all webcomics artists/writers. we can't let these types get away wth this. please just pass along the story in any ways you think you can. or just email me advice or your thoughts.

pinkard [at] gmail.com


I have attampted to contact them via email thisis teh email isent to them:

Greetings This Andeh Pinkard. I recently was shown that you have published Shonenpunk um. I remember you contacting me. but not getting anything in writing. Of course as this is my baby. I'm just a tad bit worried ^^;; If you could please contact me as soon as you are able I'd appreciate it very much.


I've decided to wait until a week before i take any affirmative action
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